Ensure a Barrel Is Free from Obstructions Prior to Firing

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Before you ever even load your gun, open the action of the weapon to make certain that there is no ammo in the magazine or the chamber. Also, be sure that your gun barrel is clear of any obstructions such as mud, snow or excessive lubricating oil. Obstructions such as these can cause a gun barrel to burst when it is fired, causing injuries to the shooter and any other people in the nearby vicinity. Since obstructions are so dangerous, take care to clean the bore and also check for potential obstructions with a quality cleaning rod before firing your weapon.

Once you get to know your weapon, you might notice that the recoil and noise of your weapon seems just a bit off. If that is the case, immediately stop firing and check that nothing has become lodged in your weapon’s barrel

Tying into this advice is the previous advice to know your ammunition with regards to your weapon. If you load your weapon with a lower gauge or caliber cartridge, it can fall into the barrel and obstruct the bore when a properly sized cartridge is fired from the firearm. So, again, pay careful attention to the ammunition that you are putting into your weapon.