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Upgrade your locks!

I can’t stress that enough. I, as a homeowner never realized how poor my locks were on my stock standard doors. In fact the locksmith who installed my new locks showed me easy and simple it was to open my locked doors.

He did it without leaving a clue. So what kind of locks? There is an industry standard for locks, and a variety of grades. the strongest grade, Grade 1, is not that expensive. We are talking about 50 bucks per lock, which depending on the amount of doors you have isn’t too terrible of an investment.

After the SHTF factor when security becomes more important than aesthetics, you could also install deadbolts as well. Top and bottom deadbolts makes it very hard to kick a door in. Again deadbolts are what, 12 bucks.

Security Window Film

3m, makers of pretty much everything, have created a unique and interesting way to increase your security. protecting windows as means of entry has always been popular, but planting steel, or iron bars on your window is unsightly, expensive and a fire hazard. 3m created a window film that easily attaches to the glass on your windows and instantly improves security. the film makes your windows near shatterproof. Not unbreakable, but shatterproof.

When a thief tries to smash a window in instead of the window shattering, the glass breaks, but the films holds it all together. So the thief still can’t get in through the window without trying to cut the film and break more glass.

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