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Home security systems are pretty neat. They promise a wide variety of features which can be anything from a simple loud alarm being raised to something advanced like video monitoring on your smartphone. This security systems promise a whole lot, and they might even be worth it. A Rutger’s study showed homes with alarms were less likely to be robbed, and communities in general are safe when security systems are used.

With all that being said is an alarm system good for a prepper’s home defense plan? Well, I would say yes for a few reasons, and no for one main reason. The main ‘no’ would be the likely collapse of our delicate power grid. Alarms need electricity. So why is an alarm system a good idea?

First off prior to a SHTF situation you probably have a good little bit of money invested in numerous preps and supplies. It would be a real shame if they got stolen, or any part of your preps, got stolen before anything bad could even happen. So prior to a collapse the protection of preps is still a good reason.

After the collapse and pre grid failure an unmonitored alarm system can still alert you of any intruders. An unmonitored alarm system simply runs off electricity and requires no monthly subscription fee. These systems like the Simplisafe, or Lowe’s Iris are example of unmonitored systems.

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