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In home defense preparation, sights aren’t always the number one thought of accessory as they are for those distant shots that aren’t really needed inside a house. Considering that it is always better to eliminate a threat from as far away as possible, sights are useful to have if you’re in a situation that warrants some fine tuning to hit the target.

There are two possible sighting systems for use on a tactical shotgun:

IRON SIGHTS—A front post sight that is designed for easy target acquisition and works with a rear sight that can usually be adjusted for elevation and windage.

HOLOGRAPHIC SIGHTS—The ‘top-dog’ of shotgun sighting systems, this is the superior sight that provides a wide field of view and a red ring to assist in quickly zoning in on your target. The top-quality models can cost as much as the gun itself, so it may be a bit of an overindulgence to some.