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Once our inadequate food supply system begins to malfunction on a mass scale, our preserved, extracted and stored seeds will skyrocket in value. It is no mystery that seeds become more valuable than gold during a food crisis. After all, even if you had every piece of platinum or gold and perhaps every last diamond on earth, you still couldn’t eat them. When the going gets tough, the simple things become invaluable.

This is why the last letter of our PEST acronym is often the first thought in the minds of serious preparers worldwide. Think back to our previously mentioned example of restaurant vegetable waste. It is one of many strategies you can utilize today, to ensure the possession of valuable seed tomorrow.

What we have to keep in mind about a food shortage or famine is that traditional commerce will likely cease or be considerably altered. Our food deprived world will likely harken back to the commerce of yesteryear. We will certainly see barter return to prominence as a food crisis would almost certainly go hand-in-hand with the collapse of our financial system.

It is doubtful that folks will have money to purchase your seeds and their resulting yields. It is even less likely that money would still have usage or value. Seeds themselves may even become currency. Otherwise, we are certain to see item-for-item trading return to our daily lives. Those who are armed with quality seed and the techniques involved in procuring, protecting and cultivating
them, will be the wealthiest among us.

There are currently a few sites online where you can go to trade your seeds with others. It must be kept in mind that these are sites for trading seeds, not selling them and engaging in speculation. That having been said, we must assume that if a serious food crisis breaks out, the most entrepreneurial among us will certainly take to some form of speculative activity surrounding seed.

It is important to recall that once upon a time Wall Street was just a buttonwood tree under which sellers and buyers congregated. Some would haul sacks of potatoes, turnips, wheat and sugar on their backs and trade them in person. The barter opportunities that seeds will present in a distorted food supply environment will surely have economic benefits. You would be wise to explore that aspect of being a proper PEST in great detail.

Barter Economy

Currencies developed as a response to the primitive barter economy which featured a straight-up exchange of goods for services or other goods. In formative economic times anything from furs to salt to weapons and precious metals could be used as a medium of exchange. Today, large financial exchanges trade anything and everything in bulk and use hard currency as the means of valuation and exchange. Currency allowed us to streamline bartering between 3 or more parties and among people on different time tables.

The reality of the changing world, however, is that each society determines its own exchange mediums. Bullets, cigarettes, gasoline, wood or food can be a currency, just like money. In reality, our society is still based on barter. The only real difference between today and a thousand years ago is that today we use a form of barter known as “delayed 3rd party barter.” This is just a fancy way of saying that you get paid currency in exchange for the goods and/or services you provide. You can then give that currency to anyone else immediately or at some time in the future in exchange for their goods and/or services.

The preceding two paragraphs highlight both the potential and the real value of seeds. Think of quality seeds as a strong currency. They almost never fall in value and generally maintain their worth well. In a time of crisis, however, the most solid currencies appreciate rapidly. Since your “seed currency” is backed by a physical product, there is no speculation to worry about. Nobody can short-sell seed values, and there will never be any credit downgrade of quality seed. Major seed producers utilize cost-efficient, but nutrient-deficient seed breeding techniques. The race amongst all major seed manufacturers, in fact, is to make the cheapest product possible. This is why quality, heirloom seeds are and will continue to be so valuable. Being able to protect, extract, store and trade your own seed will become akin to having your very own, very stable, very strong currency. Those who are able to utilize it for barter will become wealthy or at least reap a ton of benefits. This wealth may not necessarily be financial, but will certainly contribute to a higher quality-of-life overall.

Regardless of whether you choose to fall into the hobby gardener or health-oriented farmer categories, your options will grow exponentially once you master the PEST process. Having a working knowledge of seed and how to deal with it is already a valuable skill. In a barter economy, you will not only be able to trade your seed, but your knowledge, as well.

Heirloom seed knowledge will be at the forefront of this opportunity. Think of it as being a car salesman with the most luxurious high-end cars. The only difference here is that unlike a Ferrari roadster or a Rolls Royce limousine, your product is necessary for survival. With such a huge reliance on GMO seeds in today’s world, most people really do survive and nourish themselves at the mercy of giant seed producers. Any breakdown in the supply chain, any huge commodity price spike, any infertility epidemic and many people will find themselves in serious trouble. As knowledge spreads about the superiority of heirloom seeds, as well as their preservation, extraction, storage and trade; more people will want to know about them.

This is where your opportunity lies. You will learn how to build the product from scratch. The opportunity available to those with this product-in-hand will be limited only by the boundaries they set for themselves.

You may not be able to fiscally prosper from today’s preparation immediately, but rest assured that you will be in the position to do so once things go haywire and people cannot feed themselves. Many folks, however, will be happy simply mastering preservation, extraction and storage. They will not think or desire to trade and monetize their seeds. For those with an eye towards the future, however, the option to acquire wealth via seed is one worth having.

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With our PEST seed kit, you will be properly equipped to make your journey towards food independence and securing your family’s nutritional needs for a long time. And when is the best time to get started?

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