Dear Reader

Today’s rapidly changing world has shifted our focus from self-sufficiency towards rampant consumerism. This is a huge mistake which will soon come back to haunt millions of Americas. We have forgotten that survival comes first and that our ability to depend on ourselves trumps anything we can purchase or have someone else do for us.

The primary problem concerning our personal safety and liberty today is not military conflict, political breakdowns or even the potential collapse of our financial system. The danger lurks in our unreliable food supply. The reality of the situation is that food distribution supply lines in America are roughly three days long. This means that in the blink of an eye we could be facing empty supermarket shelves and runs on food, which would resemble the bank runs of the Great Depression.

This situation is worsened by the fact that everyone needs food to survive. We ignore this never-changing reality and many of us will pay for it with empty stomachs and starvation. It is our duty, both to our country and to our self to prepare for the coming food shortages.

The root of our false sense of security lies in the notion that “it cannot happen to us.” Most Americans laugh-off examples such as the Argentine food riots of 2001 and the food riots which took place in Mogadishu, Somalia earlier this year. It is a huge and potentially fatal mistake to think that this sort of scenario will not play out in the United States.

The added component of financial volatility further destabilizes the situation. With the U.S. dollar in a constant state of flux, our economic uncertainties could easily exacerbate a massive food shortage. Remember that food producers will sell their products to the highest bidder and if the dollar defaults, as some have predicted, even locally grown foods may find their way overseas to buyers who bid with stronger currencies. This situation would leave gainfully employed Americans unable to purchase the food they need to feed themselves and their loved ones. Relying on the three-day food supply machine is not only risky; it is downright stupid and self-destructive.

Americans must turn back to our agricultural roots. We are blessed with some of the most fertile soil in the world. Each region of the United States presents the ideal breeding ground for various seeds which grow into foods that can ensure survival during a food shortage or famine.

Before we can turn to this sort of preparation, however, we must address the mistakes we currently make. Simply diving into the world of seeds is pointless if we don’t understand where we currently stand. We need to know where we are coming from if we want to know where we are going. In order to figure out which path to take, we must eliminate our current mistakes and misconceptions.

Did you know that the average American family of four actually may be throwing away hundreds of pounds of potential food yield per year? This is a shocking bit of speculation derived from the well-known fact that the average American family discards between twenty and thirty pounds of seeds every single year.

If you are reading this report, chances are that you are not one of those people. If that is the case then congratulations are in order. You are well-aware of the impending troubles facing our country and are doing the right thing by educating yourself further.

Unfortunately, most folks are not educating themselves. Most folks are living with their heads in the clouds. Most folks will not know what to do or how to survive once they are faced with empty supermarket shelves and defunct supply lines.