Rust Prevention

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Rust Prevention

Rust is formed when metal is exposed to moisture and oxygen. It causes a noticeable discoloration (typically appropriately named rust orange) and, over time, will do considerable damage to your firearm if not properly taken care of. Prevention is always the better option. Tips for rust prevention:

  1. Use rust prevention products. A lot of cleaning solutions available on the market are multi-purpose since they can also lubricate or protect. Choose cleaning solutions that contain chemicals for rust prevention. Be careful to only buy products specifically made for firearms, however. Talk to your local gun shop for recommendations.
  2. Store your gun properly. Protect your gun from the elements by keeping it in a moisture-free container – or, even better, in a gun safe. We’ll talk more about proper gun storage in a later chapter of this manual.
  3. Never leave your gun in a wet condition.

    Most guns get damaged when exposed to If you’re shooting in the rain or snow, here are some tips to protect your gun from water:
    a ) Oil your gun
    b ) Tape your bore
    c ) Rub lip balm over your scope mount screws
  4. Rub gun oil on your gun when rusting has already started. At the first sign of rust, apply gun oil to your gun, which will eliminate oxidation and provide another layer of protection the next time you’re out.