Topic Progress:

Location of:

  • Main water valve
  • Main gas valve
  • Main shut-off valve wrench!
  • Hot water tank shutoff
  • Appliance shutoffs, including dryer, oven, fireplace
  • Garage door manual override
  • Main electrical breaker box

Know how to shut off:

  • Main water valve
  • Main gas valve
  • Appliances, including dryer, oven, fireplace, hot water tank
  • Main electrical breaker box

Floor Plan Showing:

  • Exit doors
  • Windows
  • Fire extinguishers
  • First aid kits
  • Emergency water and food supplies location
  • Emergency equipment location, like generator
  • Family assembly location


  • Draw picture of breaker box and label
  • Tag utility box keys and hang in easily reached location
  • Tag and hang other spare keys to car, utility rooms etc.
  • Determine best escape route from second floor and place escape ladder or rope in accessible location
  • Cut emergency cover-up boards to fit windows, mark and store