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Remember the old adage about trying to close the barn door after the horses have escaped? If so…just forget it. Sometimes life happens, and we find ourselves in situations requiring post-crisis action. Even the most prepared person can’t anticipate every single event. Unfortunately, one of the facts ordinary and honest citizens must cope with is looting. Sure, it can be anticipated but until you know what is damaged during the disaster, it is impossible to make a specific plan for securing your shelter.

For example, you may have installed specially constructed doors and door frames able to withstand a battering ram. However, what happens if an earthquake damages the door or a tornado rips out a portion of a wall containing the most secure door in the world?

Mother Nature is a force to be reckoned with, but man is a creature to be feared

You must be prepared to secure your property against people as well as the weather.

Some steps you take will help manage both types of problems: Those associated with looting and those associated with shelter damage. The following checklist will help you determine the types of supplies you need to have handy to respond to a disaster, like the pre-cut plywood, bolts for securing the plywood, and a drill.

The first checklist addresses the steps to take immediately after a disaster. The second checklist assumes you stay in your home and must secure the residence for safety and security reasons, including preparing for potential looting.