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When choosing a firearm you need to insure you are choosing one from a reputable manufacturer; manufacturer that is well known, and possibly supplies police and military sources. Everyone likes to save a buck, and maybe that cheaper gun has a lifetime warranty, but how good is that warranty in a SHTF situation?

Manufacturer Support

I suggest a well-known manufacturer with lots of aftermarket support. For example, I love my CZ P09, it’s an excellent pistol, large capacity, night sights, and accurate. However, the magazine for it are hard to find and expensive. So it may not be the best choice for SHTF when compared to a Glock or Smith and Wesson M&P. Both of these weapons are painfully common, and the magazines, sight options, and accessory market are overblown with quality options.

These weapons are also well known, and have an excellent reputation for reliability. If you are ever curious about the quality of a firearm a quick Google search will reveal a wide variety of different reviews and viewpoints regarding the weapon.


HANDGUNS – Glock, Smith and Wesson, Sig Sauer

RIFLES – Serbian PAP AKs, Smith and Wesson ARs, Sig Sauer rifles, Arsenal AKs, Daniel Defense ARs.