The firearm and prepper relationship is one that is intrinsically connected and woven together. A large portion of modern prepping involves firearms. Having a firearm is the best way to defend yourself during a post collapse situation.

A firearm is the best way to equalize forces. A firearm can do what no martial art, melee weapon, or any other weapon can do, a firearm can equalize a fight. It doesn’t matter how much you weigh, how old you are, or your gender; with a firearm you are equal.

Prepper can find use for a variety of different weapons outside defense, like hunting. However, some weapons do not interchange well between hunting and fighting weapons. For example a bolt action, scoped rifle is excellent for hunting, but may be a poor fighting weapon inside of 300 yards or so. That being said an AR 15 in its relatively small caliber may be a poor choice for hunting large or dangerous game with.

So a prepper needs to differentiate between what’s defensive, and what’s for hunting. For some new preppers who do not have a history with firearms they may be a bit lost when choosing firearms for prepping and survival. So throughout this guide we are going over some of the basics of firearms to help give you a bit of advice on firearms. Not to tell you what to buy, but to give you an idea of where to start and what your options are.