Perhaps the best way to locate water sources is to find an area that’s elevated from the rest of the surroundings. Once you reach an elevated surface, keep an eye out for indentations under trees or within the earth. These indentations indicate that there’s a gap or low area from surface to surface and shows a past water-way path. However, note that this could only be a ditch that drains all the rain water too.

Following are a list of key indicators that you need to remember:

Valleys as well as low areas are locations where the water drains naturally.

Look for crevices in rocks as rainwater is usually collected in them.

Damp or muddy ground is a sure sign of water. ff Patches of vegetation is a strong indicator of a water source nearby.

Keep an eye out for areas where animal tracks converge, as animals gather near a water source

While you’ve got a keen eye on the ground before you, keep an on the sky as well, as birds often circle watering holes.

Another strong indicator that water is present in an area is the presence of bugs like mosquitoes and flies. They are found in large numbers where water is located. Keep an ear out for buzzing sounds.