Hiding and Storing Your Weapons in Your Car

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Safety doesn’t stop when you leave the house. It’s important to stay protected while you’re in your vehicle.


If you end up in a wreck, your passenger may not thank you for resorting to this tactic. However, if you end up in a dangerous situation, you’ll be glad you took the precaution. Carefully pry the protective cover off your airbag. Removing it can be tricky, so wear a painters mask, goggles, and gloves. You’re likely to get the lubricating powder everywhere as you attempt to cut the airbag free. Alternately, you can find a cash–only detailing operation and ask them to remove the airbag while they’re cleaning your car.

Regardless of how you remove it, you now have what amounts to a good sized secret glove compartment on the passenger side of your car. This is a great place to store both a gun and extra ammo. To keep it from getting too noisy, pad the interior of the compartment with either bubble wrap or some sort of cloth.


There’s nothing wrong with storing your gun under the seat, but you’re a lot safer storing it inside your seat. Unlike couches, car seats are incredibly thick. After all, they’re designed to do a lot of shock absorption when driving. You can cut a slit across the entire width of the front of your seat. Get some matching leather or fabric and some weak Velcro. Sewing those in place will keep the slit closed and make it look like a decorative element.

Use a boxcutter or strong knife to cut a hole about a foot into the seat cushion. These cushions are typically very tough, so be prepared to sweat. Once you’ve created your hole, hollow out about an inch. You don’t want to hollow the whole width of your gun. It should stay nestled securely inside. To prevent it from getting stuck when you pull it out, line the hole with duct tape in a color that best matches your seat’s exterior. That way if the Velcro is open for some reason, the hole is less obvious. Slide your gun into place, Velcro the hole closed, and drive in peace.


There’s nothing wrong with hiding a gun in a simple, unexpected place like a bag of potato chips or some fast food. Add a few packing peanuts to give the bag some depth. You don’t want it to look like a bag neatly crumpled around a gun. Instead, you want it to look like leftovers you haven’t gotten around to throwing away yet. If your seats have storage netting on the back, just tuck it in the passenger side for easy access.