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Like most people, your furniture is probably a mix of new and old pieces. You might have a comfy old chair your parents gave you when you moved into your first apartment alongside a brand new couch you bought last year. If you’re going to store guns in your furniture, it’s best to pick up some cheap pieces at a garage sale. You can easily dress up old furniture with a new slip cover or fresh coat of paint so it doesn’t look out of place in your living room.

The point of buying some cheap garage sale furniture is you can easily, affordably modify it to hold your guns. Your family probably won’t approve of you ripping up the good stuff, so buy cheap and help with redecoration.

Couches and loveseats are the easiest to modify. Flip your newly acquired garage sale couch upside down. Use a boxcutter or strong knife to rip away any protective cloth that keeps furniture customers from being able to see the innards of their seating. You should now be looking at a few cheap wooden beams near the bottom and possibly some loose springs. Use wire cutters to trim away any loose springs that have fallen through over the years. You don’t want anyone to cut their hand reaching for a gun.

If you have any woodworking tools at home, the best thing to do is create a small, light-weight rectangular box with the open end facing the front of the couch. Make it just wide enough to slide in your gun of choice and some ammunition. Position it as close to the front of the couch as possible and nail it to the support beams. The goal is for you to be able to reach under the couch’s protective dust flap and pull the gun right out.

A sturdy couch beam with a moderately well crafted box can easily support larger weapons. If you don’t have any woodworking tools, you can achieve a similar effect by weaving a net out of duct tape. Create long strips with the silver side out. Weave them together as though you’re making an Easter Basket. Tape the top edges of the net to the front most support beam of your couch. Put your gun and ammo in the duct tape net, then use a single piece of duct tape to secure the front closed. You want to be able to rip it open at a moment’s notice. The duct tape net is best for handguns.

Another option for couches, loveseats, and comfy chairs is hiding a gun compartment in a cushion. Make an incision along the back of your cushion and sew in a Velcro closure. It’ll look like you picked this cushion because the exterior was easy to clean. Cut a hole in the interior of the cushion just large enough for your gun. Line the hole with duct tape. This will give it some structural support and help mask the cushion’s contents. You don’t want to lean on the cushion and have someone see the outline of the gun. The duct tape lining also makes it easier for you to reach right in and grab it without any worry about bits of padding or fiber getting caught in your hand or the trigger. Cushions are good places to hide small handguns.

Don’t try to hide your gun in your couch’s seat. It’s not only uncomfortable to have a gun wedged into your thigh while you’re trying to watch a game, it’s also incredibly awkward to try and free the gun if you’re caught by surprise.