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Lay the grouse on its back. Extend the wings outward, as if it is in a flying position. Step on the wings, one at a time, putting your boots close to the chest. This will pin the wings down while you work. Grab the legs of the bird, one per hand. Pull upwards toward your body. This will separate the entire bottom portion of the grouse from the top. Don’t stop until the bird is torn in two.

You should now have the chest section and wings remaining. Set aside the legs and pull out your knife. Cut the breast meat from the chest bone by cutting down the middle of the chest plate. Slowly work your knife along that breast plate on one side. Repeat the process with the other breast. Now rinse off the feathers from the removed breasts with water. Trim off left behind fat. Examine the meat for BB’s. You should be able to find them by locating any puncture holes on the outside of the breasts. Then gently reach inside the breast to locate and remove the BBs.