This is it. Hunting big game is the pinnacle of the sport. Every game animal provides a different challenge for the hunter, but going after big game often combines several of those challenges and more. To successfully hunt big game, it pays to be an excellent mountaineer with topographical maps and a compass. But, you should have good instincts and experience surviving without the help of those tools. Big game hunters should be in peak physical condition.

This enables them to move either quickly or agonizingly slowly for extended periods of time under difficult circumstances. He must understand not just his target, but every other animal in the habitat. He must understand how the weather, the moon, the season, the temperature, and dozens of other natural factors affect his prey. On top of all that, big game hunters don’t get second and third chances. When hunting birds or squirrels, hunters try to kill in volume because they have plenty of targets. But the bigger the game, the fewer targets there are to hunt. A hunter who makes one mistake may find himself out of luck for the season, or worse.