The shotgun is possibly the most common element in home defense plans

While rifles and handguns certainly have their place, most households prepared to protect their property and loved ones have at least one shotgun as part of their home defense arsenal. 

Some might even have a shotgun as their only weapon!

Shotguns earned their popularity as a home defense weapon from the versatility of shotgun ammunition, their ease-of-use, and the fact they boast effective stopping power; especially against intruders in the close-quarters of a house. 

Their low-tech nature and affordability (when compared to rifles and handguns) only add to their appeal. 

The high level or practicality helped to sustain the manufacturing of this type of firearm, which has added to its widespread availability.

With so many options to choose from, you can be sure there are many shotguns not appropriate for use in home defense. 

Many of these shotguns are used in various sporting applications and are not the ideal choice for close-quarters self-defense against an attacker intent on harming you and your family.

As an example, you might already have a birding gun as a multipurpose sporting/home defense gun, or be thinking of getting one for that reason. 

However, birding guns have a choke – which is great for hitting a sports target – but make the weapon practically useless in defensive situations. Additionally, the barrel of a birding gun is generally 22 to 24 inches (sometime longer). 

This length is geared in favor of hunters, who have the time to line up their shot. Meanwhile, time is not usually a luxury you’ll have in a home defense situation.

This book is designed to help you ensure you have the right type of shotgun for home defense by going through basic, but important, details regarding shotgun characteristics and actions. 

By the end of this book, the goal is for you to be well-informed about exactly what you do and do not need in a shotgun for home defense, and to be in a better position to investigate such topics further to better enhance your self-sufficiency and security.