The shotgun has a long history and has only gotten better through the years. 

A pump-action shotgun with a sling and tactical light, loaded and stocked with #1 buck is a must for your home defense preparation.

However, you should also remember a weapon is only as useful as the person using it. 

Don’t simply purchase a shotgun to have in your home – get proper training to make sure you know how to use it! 

As a bonus, look for ranges and other companies in your area that offer tactical training for civilians and sign up for a shotgun class. 

This is where you’ll receive the best professional instruction on how to properly use your shotgun for home defense, including how to clear a room.

Don’t stop there, though. 

You should practice regularly to improve your skills and develop muscle memory that can kick in when you’re feeling too stressed to think as clearly as you normally do. 

A home defense situation, no matter how well you think you’re prepared for it, is always going to be high-stress. 

The last thing you want is for it to negatively affect your performance when your life, and your family’s lives, depend on your ability.

You should also make sure other household members are familiar with how to use a shotgun properly and – most especially – understand gun safety.

Don’t forget to practice in a variety of conditions, including low-light, and at different distances from your targets to adequately prepare for the various conditions you might find yourself in if you ever have to use your shotgun for home defense.