Picking Wild Berries That Are Safe to Eat

Losing yourself in the great outdoors requires a bit of planning. You need to pack rain protection gear, a wide variety of navigation tools, and of course, food. Because of limited space, you have fewer food choices than you have when you bring along the family camper. Limited backpack space means you need to consider packing trail mixes.

Contemporary trail mixes go well beyond the traditional combination of raisins and peanuts. Dozens of delectable foods work well together to give you the sustenance required to tackle long hikes in the wilderness or survive cataclysmic events, such as hurricanes and earthquakes.

By storing trail mixes in airtight containers, you receive benefits from energy dense foods that provide considerable nutritional value. Trail mixes should comprise high caloric foods to convert into the energy you need to climb steep hills and navigate around large bodies of water. The question is not whether you should bring along trail mixes, but what foods to combine for tasty and energy boosting snacks.