Wine Vinegar

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Wine vinegar, like sherry vinegar and champagne vinegar, tends to be on the expensive side. The base is wine, after all. Producers use either white or red wine. The type of wine influences the vinegar’s quality. If the producer wants to create fine vinegar, they will require fine wine. In addition, the producer will also have to follow the same process needed to make fine wine.

Traditional fine wine vinegar requires ageing in wood barrels, preferably oak, for about 2 years. Red wine vinegars need more time than those from white wine. Yet, red or white, both are best prepared in small batches. This results in a complex, subtle, rich and mellow flavour.

Less expensive commercial versions are available, but the subtlety may also be lacking as it is not aged in the same way or for the same length of time. Yet the commercial version will let you see if the flavor is something that you like before you invest in more expensive traditionally produced wine vinegars.