Eye Contact

Eye contact is the first step in improving the message your body is sending to those around you. People tend to instinctively know when someone is being ‘fake’ simply by looking into their eyes. Why is this? Because no matter what a person is saying they are usually not thinking about what their eyes are portraying. When someone who likes you looks at you, they will be fully engaged and looking into your eyes.

Their eyes will crinkle in an authentic way and their eyebrows may quirk when you say something amusing. Someone who is bored with what you are saying or who distrusts you will often have eyes that are still. When you look at your bartering partner try to visualize them as someone you do like, want to help, and who has the ability to help you. While they may be an opponent in a game that has significant stakes, try your best to consider them a friendly opponent.

A note on eye contact:

Be aware that while in America not making eye contact is considered rude and makes you look weak, many other ethnicities are the opposite and consider eye contact rude and a sign of aggression. For example, many Muslims find eye contact unacceptable. Sub-Saharan Africans, North Africans as well as Mid-Eastern nations and South East Asian nations find it highly unacceptable. This is even more of a touchy subject when it comes to interactions between sexes.