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As you do more reloading, you are going to learn a few tips and tricks. Here are a few to get you started:


  • Cleaning your ammo properly will reduce potential errors as well as wear and tear on your firearms
  • Add a few strips of used dryer sheet to your tumbler to cut down on dust
  • Lizard bedding is the same as walnut media and is available much cheaper from your local pet store
  • Add a little Nu Finish® car polish for extra shiny brass
  • Trimming straight walled pistol brass is a waste of time


  • Preheat ingots with a hot plate to prevent clogging in your bottom pour lead pot
  • Apply a torch flame to the spout of your bottom pour lead pot to clear clogs
  • Drop wheel weight allow bullets into water directly from the mold to make them harder
  • Increase production by using two molds at a time, which is less likely to overheat
  • Use a damp towel to cool sprue and prevent lead smearing on the mold and sprue plate
  • To clean lead out of lube grooves and molds, heat and push out with a sharp graphite pencil


  • Replace steel rods with wooden dowels
  • Using some type of homemade shield is wise


  • Freeze lube to release from a PVC mold
  • Use 2” plastic electrical conduit to produce lube sticks


  • Set up a small lamp over your bullet seating station, which will allow you to inspect powder charges prior to seating the bullet
  • If you stand while reloading, position pivot on press handle between 37” and 40.5” from floor; position it at 49” from floor if sitting on a stool


  • Use a shell holder in place of a collet for easier handling with inertial bullet pullers
  • Seat bullets deeper to break seal and make pulling easier with inertial puller