Floor Plan 1: Basement

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Possible shelter locations in a basement include the following:

  • In a corner of the basement, preferably where the basement walls are below the level of the ground
  • In a bathroom, closet, or other interior room in the basement • in a freestanding addition to the basement

A space that is to be used for a shelter must be kept free of clutter so that the shelter can be quickly and easily entered and so that the shelter occupants will not be injured by falling objects. For this reason, a bathroom is often a better choice for a shelter than a closet or other space used for storage. Remember, if the basement is below the level of storm surge or the level of flooding from any other source, it is not a suitable location for a shelter. In this situation, a possible alternative would be to build an exterior shelter, adjacent to your house, on a slab-on-grade above the flood level.