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Treating water with bleach is a simple process and quite effective for killing harmful germs. It will not kill some protozoa, however.

You can use plain chlorine bleach (5.25-6% sodium hypochlorite) that has no additives. Many laundry products today are sold with additives like scents and cleaners, so make sure only pure bleach is used.

  1. Remove floating materials first
  2. Let the water sit for up to 24 hours so dirt or other suspended material settles to the bottom
  3. After dirt settles, transfer cleaner water over sediment to a clean container
  4. Run the clean water through a filter
  5. Add 16 drops of bleach for each gallon of water to be treated and stir
  6. Let the bleached water stand for at least 30 minutes
  7. Test the water by smelling it to detect a light bleach scent
  8. If no bleach scent, repeat the treatment
  9. If still no bleach scent, discard the water
    because it is too contaminated for drinking