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This a bit of an odd title, but I meant it to be a generic term that can encompass a wide variety of government works. These aren’t DMVs, or bureaucratic offices, but work centers that require physical labor. These are Forest Service offices, Road Departments, Department of Transportation offices, and other general maintenance offices.

The reason being is the high likelihood of the presence of bottled water.

These departments outside work almost exclusively. Often hard and difficult work, that requires the employees stay hydrated. So they often provide bottle water to their employees. Forest Services throughout the sountry are used to fight wildfires throughout the country.

That means there is water, lots of water. Tankers, tenders, and brush truck could potentially provide sufficient water for a number of individuals. This water will likely need to be purified of course. Guess what they will have in the utmost abundance? Tools, tools, tools, the sheer amount of tools these places have can boggle the mind.

They are absolutely excellent source for tools ranging from axes, to sledge hammers, hand tools, chainsaws, generators and even heavy equipment. This may be rare, but you may also be able to find a variety of fuels. This includes diesel and gasoline, and possibly kerosene. Department of Transportation offices for examples often have their own private fuel farms.