If you’re seeking independence and a sense of security regarding your electrical power, going solar is a good option. Rolling brownouts during peak summer months, storm damage to the electrical grid during winter months, or unexpected natural disasters ranging from floods to tornados to hurricanes can leave the municipal power grid completely unreliable. If you have your own solar power, or a combination of solar and wind or solar and a gas powered generator, then you never have to worry about keeping yourself and your family safe and warm.

Financially, solar power is a long term investment in your own independence.

There are some significant initial setup costs, but modern solar power systems can last 25 years or more. If you expect to have a limited income during your retirement, it makes sense to set up a solar power system before retirement. If your investments or retirement income disappear, you’ll still have one of life’s basic necessities covered.

If your region gets strong but inconsistent sun, you might want to consider supplementing your solar energy system with either an emergency generator or, if local weather permits, a small windmill. Modern windmills move slowly enough they won’t cause any damage to birds and can be hand painted to look like a whimsical artistic addition to your yard instead of a big white boring pole. You can also get small, subtle, roof mounted versions which generate a little less power but are also a lot less likely to irk the neighbors.