What is a Muzzleloader?

The muzzle loading firearm was developed from technology invented from the use of antique cannons and mortars. As metals and metallurgy became more refined, thinner and thinner barrels could be cast. Arming the foot soldier with a weapon that fires a lead or stone bullet became a dream realized and warfare changed forever. This book will discuss the usage of modern muzzle loaders in the hunting application. The term muzzle loader refers to the flintlock, percussion cap and in-line black powder firearms types, rifle, pistol or shotgun. I will discuss each in a separate section.

The term ‘traditional’ is referring to any original or replica muzzle loader that uses black powder as a primary propellant. ‘Modern’ muzzle loaders can use black powder and any of the other black powder substitutes available on the market. A modern muzzle loader is an inline system. Don’t get confused, however. A newly manufactured replica muzzle loader is still a traditional muzzle loader if it is using a flintlock or percussion cap system. The term traditional is just referring to the ignition system used, not the actual manufactured age of the weapon.