In preparing for SHTF scenarios, we often overlook shelter. While ideally, you want to use your home (either your primary residence or secondary property, such as a holiday home), this isn’t always possible or safe.

Consider the popular suggestion that in extreme conditions, you might only have 3 hours to find shelter before succumbing to the elements.

For this reason, we feel it’s irresponsible not to make the shelter a priority – even if the immediate need isn’t obvious.

It would be equally erroneous to think of shelter merely in terms of a physical structure, like your house, a lean-to, tent, cave, or even just a large leaf held over your head. The shelter also includes things like a poncho to protect yourself from heavy rains, sunscreen to protect your skin, or even climbing a tree to escape certain natural predators.

Think of shelter as a catch-all phrase Shelterdescribing every non-weapon means of protecting yourself from the elements and other dangers you might face.

It’s better to be slightly over-prepared than under-prepared here. Even if you don’t think insects are a likely threat, make sure you have bug spray in your bug-out and bug-in bags. Similarly, a tarp, blankets, and 550 paracord provide versatile survival tools, especially when it comes to shelter.