Understanding Our World

We live in unpredictable times. Natural and manmade disasters lurk behind each corner. Whether it is something slow–brewing like the Arab Spring riots which swept the MENA region earlier this year, or an instant occurrence such as the Fukushima nuclear disaster, we have to be prepared to the best of our ability.

Wildfires, tornados, hurricanes, blizzards and earthquakes have happened more frequently as of late. The likelihoods of civil unrest, financial meltdown and dwindling food supply lines have also increased at an alarming rate.

There is nothing we can do to prevent calamity, but there is plenty that can be done to prepare for it. The chief handicap in all of the above disasters is a lack of preparation. Taking the necessary steps today, may mean the difference between life and death, tomorrow. So, what can you do today to prepare for anything tomorrow may throw at you?