Crafting a Survival Bow

Many hunters and survival enthusiasts frequent their favorite sporting goods or outdoor enthusiast stores to procure all of their favorite hunting gear. As such, many hunters have state of the art hunting bows and rifles that would double as effective survival weapons.

However, what would happen if many of these hunters found themselves in a disastrous situation without any of their store bought hunting and survival resources? This guide aims to fix that exact problem by providing the tips you need to know in order to craft a trusty survival bow.

As long as the wilderness you find yourself in has woods, you can use this guide to make yourself a bow and reliable arrows that allow you to hunt effectively. For a wilderness survival scenario, nothing can top a traditional – and some might call it primitive – bow and arrow setup. One reason a bow and arrow is so exceptional for survival scenarios is that all of the tools you need to make bows and arrows are found abundantly in nature.

As such, no matter where you find yourself stranded, making a survival bow is usually going to be one of the best ways to get prepared and survive the wilderness. Moreover, a bow and arrow are exceedingly effective hunting tools that will prevent starvation.

With other makeshift survival weapons and hunting tools – like a primitive spear – you will need to get up close and personal in order to hunt your prey. Of course, many animals will elude you and run if you get too close to them. With a bow, this problem is greatly reduced due to the increased distance between you and the prey in your line of sight.

This ease of use compared to close range hunting weapons will increase your chance of catching the animal you are hunting.

Additionally, bow and arrow materials that you can find in nature are able to be crafted quickly and efficiently into a useful bow and reliable arrows. The ease with which a bow can be found and made could be the difference between surviving and surviving with a full belly. Given all of these advantages, it is essential to know how to build a survival bow and arrows.

The following guide highlights the key things to keep in mind when you are looking to build these essential survival tools