Camping Skills: How to Camp In The Winter

In this Camping Skills installment, FPA expert Craig Caudill walks us through how to prepare for camping in the winter. Craig goes over what to bring, the right type of tent, how to handle the elements, and more! If you’re planning on camping this winter, this video is a must-watch. Know anyone who might find these tips helpful? Pass it along!


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  1. Matt Lang

    Excellent instruction as usual Craig. Nice job covering Planning, Preparation, and Practice. Plan ahead for the kind of camping you’ll be doing, prep your skills and equipment, practice camping. Newbs might consider mastering low-risk camping first before moving on to more challenging conditions or venues.

  2. Kim Cox

    I really like this video. But I live in southeast Texas. We do not have a winter. We might get maybe 7 days each winter that is cold. But not even under 40 degrees. Do I need a summer tent?