Making money in RuneScape – An economy and farming guide

RuneScape is an online game that shaped lots of children’s childhoods, which includes my own! And for that reason, this is the day I’ll show you the ultimate way to making money in RuneScape as well as the Rs3 option. Old School, for nostalgic players like myself.

ED3 has been running in Shadow Reefs (Daemonheim)

Elite Dungeons 3 is good money-making option if you are able to calculate the correct stats for it. The Shadow Reef monsters tend to drop relics that range from normal (5k prices for alch) to uncommon (25k cost of the alch) and even rare (1m – alch price). They also drop rune salvages which typically sell for around 35k each, considering they are in constant high demand since they are used in the invention skill.

In rare instances, mobs within the dungeon might drop the stack of Onyx Dust It is worth approximately 11k and could, at a later time become Uncut Uncut Onyx, through the Divination skill.

Finally, defeating that Spy McSwordFace, a.k.a. “the first boss,” will award you with a great stack of cannonballs, with the total ranging from 50 to 70. They usually cost around 24 – 34000. On very rare occasions, you’ll receive the boss’s sword, which is worth 13 million. If that isn’t enough to convince you I don’t even know what would be.

The ED3 method doesn’t just give massive amount of EXP but will also give you around 5m per hour, or more. Though I warn you, this method is best for advanced players.

Tips for RS3

Let’s start with Rs3, since this is very likely the version of the game which allows you to earn the most money per hour.

Killing chickens

It’s not as bad as you feel, but hear me out. In the first place, this is a beginner method, as the money will be great for new players but not so much for elite players.

The method to earn cash to earn money in RuneScape is as simple as it gets , since chickens are easy to be killed and you can begin doing it right from LVL 1. Killing chickens is a great way to earn EXP for beginners, but I get that you came here for the cash, so I’ll show you how to make money by killing chickens.

First of all, you’ll want to make your way over to Lumbridge. When you arrive, it’s time to take out all the chickens living in the chicken coop. Remove the raw chicken meat and put it at the bank in your local area. That is pretty much it. It’s too easy in fact, doesn’t it? However, I’m confident that there’s no trick here and I’ll let you know that a single tin of chicken that is raw is worth 25k. If you can keep grinding this method, within one hour you will be able to produce 1m, give or take.

Solving hard Clue Scrolls

This is a profitable business with a few stat requirements and the requirement for items. but still pretty accessible. The way you efficiently collect the clues is by killing Hellhounds in the Taverley dungeon.

The drop rate of the scrolls is 1/6, so I would suggest that you commit to grinding and stacking an adequate amount of Clue Scrolls. Once you have got several, you can complete them all in one go. The rewards for a Hard Clue scroll range from 85k to 1.1b depending on whether you’re fortunate enough to receive a dye, a.k.a. the most profitable drop. No dye or dye opening a plethora of Scrolls is guaranteed to get you a substantial income.

Killing Spiritual Magicians

This method is definitely not suitable for beginners. In the first place, you must be an LVL 8 Slayer. Also, you will require an Magic Notepaper to note the items, and either a Zaryte Bow or any piece of Torva, Pernix, or Virtus, since they are Spiritual Mages are located in the Godwars dungeon. Why do you need these things? If you’re not wearing one of them, every creature in the dungeon will turn on you and the truth is, you do not want that to happen, since you’ll die moments after entering the dark dungeon.

Once you do match all of this method’s requirements earning money from RuneScape is an easy journey. Spiritual Mages: Spiritual Mages the following drop ratios:

12/128 chance of dropping any of the elemental Battle Staves, which have an estimated value of 8k.

6/128 chance of dropping Rune Salvages, which have an estimated price of 22k.

10/128 chance of dropping Air Orbs with a a price of 10k.

14/128 chance for dropping Soul Runes, which have an estimated cost of 47k.

One in 512 chances in dropping an entire stack of Ghostly Essence that has a cost of 37k.

1 in 512 chance of losing that Sirenic Scale, which is worth the sum of 460k.

In general, you can earn up to 4m per hour in profit however, what makes this money maker so successful is the fact that all drops are fairly common, along with the Mages are simple to defeat using Zaryte Bow.

Old School Runescape

Let’s look at methods for making money in the Old School Runescape, where all the nostalgic players are. Based on my estimations there are around 100 million ways to earn decent money in Old School RuneScape, though unfortunately, most are within the member’s world.

Mining Clay

It’s a good thing for novice to players as well as veterans: Clay equals a lot of money. Each Clay Ore is worth 175 gold, so a full inventory makes approximately 5k. If you can keep it at this level the level you are at, you can earn a decent amount of money. The more leveled your Mining, the greater the profit you will get per hour.

I would suggest you take a trip to Varrock’s Southwest Varrock mine, as it is very close to the bank, and you’ll be able to save lots of time travelling to other places.

The Art of Collecting Red Spider Eggs

This method is one of the most effective, but it also means it is highly contestable. The average Red Spider Egg is worth around 650p, which can lead to a 220k profit per hour.

You’ll require at least 69 Combat to be able to collect Eggs without putting all the attention. What I do is amass a few Stamina potion, as the distance from the bank to the Varrock Sewers is very long. Then I grind to collect, drink a potion, run to the bank to deposit Eggs, and repeat. If you find a lot of players doing this, it is best to change worlds. The best option is to switch to a site with a lower amount of active players.

Mining Amethyst

This is a method for members only and requires 92 mining, which is extremely difficult. And, of course, the higher the amount of mining required, the higher the reward.

The place to mine Amethyst is in the members’ zone inside the Mining Guild, where eight rocks appear. It can take an adequate period of time replenish your inventory, depending on the level you’re at and your Pickaxe, but since every Ore is 3.6k, you will get around 300k per hour.

And that’s it! Here are my top ways to earn money in RuneScape in both Old School and RS3. I’m sure that most are challenging and take a lot of effort and effort, but I’m guessing you were prepared to grind when you first began reading this article. In any case, with your new fortune, you’ll be able to purchase some amazing goods or the money earned in game to purchase yourself a membershipthat could be used later to earn even more.